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O.k. This was weird but fun and something I had to do. The curiosity got to me! [Only a Twilight fan will understand]

And this is what I got:

Innocent, tom-boyish, and shy, you definitely are. You also are a bit of a clutz at times. Even though you have a very low self-image, others see you as beautiful”

I didn’t even tell them I was a female and they knew, pretty cool.

Try it and tell me what you got: [takes 2 mins only]

What Twilight character are you? 

[I know your just dying to find out!]



A brief intro on this blog, me, and Najmuthakib:

I am an 18 yrs female living in London, United Kingdom.

My hobby and passion is making “jewellery”. I started making jewellery when I was 13 years old and once I turned 17 I started a jewellery line called Najmuthakib (meaning “shining star”) and opened an online shop (here) to sell my handcrafted wears.

I am at the moment studying to be a silversmith (self teaching) and hope to take some live classes in the near future once I have saved up enough £££.

This blog will be where I will talk about my jewellery, craftiness (as in making things), promoting my business, hosting giveaways and showing off my fave webs/blogs/ jewellery designers and Artists. And other little things that interest me (like the picture above, can you guess where it’s from).

so stick around and ENJOY!


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