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February Giveaway

You have three pieces of jewellery to choose from. Enjoy!

things from the past Earring


eleven hearts Necklace


eleven hearts.

full of hearts Earring


full of hearts.


(Click on the titles to see more pictures)


I have been wanting to do a blog giveaway for a really long time but just didn’t get down to it.


Since it’s Valentine and i have a lot of Valentine themed jewellery piece in my shop i thought this would be a great time to start it of.


I am planning on doing a blog giveaway at least once a month. Hope it last…with me you never know! (I’m kind of forgetful :))


Anyway..the rules: There are no rules!


All you have to do, to participate in this Giveaway is to tell me in the comments below is :


what would you like to receive for your Valentine gift? (can be anything)


Also tell me which one of the above Jewellery piece you have your eye on.

(so that i know which one to send to you….if you win!)


How will i choose? All your names will be scribbled down on paper then ripped in to strips and squished up in to little balls and chucked into a hat. Then i will give a family member the honers of picking the paper. ONLY one. It’s more fun that way.


Anyone can participate….from any country or of any age. Once per a person (one comment each).


(please leave all your info behind so i can get back to you if i have to. You just have to fill in the boxes, i won’t be shearing your info with anyone)


Why am i doing this? Coz it’s fun!


Looking forwards to hearing from you all.


Giveaway ends Sunday night (UK time).

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