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You and Me

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Yellena James::: Illustrator, Artist, Painter.

What can I say expect that her work is amazing! Each of her illustrations is drawn (completely and only) by hand using pens, inks, markers, acrylics and years of practice (her words, not mine). Just by looking at her work I feel like grabbing some pens of my own and start drawing….but it will be hopeless coz I’m useless at drawing…. I probably end up getting ink all over my face! Sigh!

I will be adding her stuff to my “NEED TO BUY” list. I just can’t make my mind up on which one, You and Me is a big fave!

Loving. It. All.


I just joined Folksy (more on that later) an online website just like Etsy (a place to buy and sell handmade wears) but based in the United Kingdom (Etsy’s based in America). 

I came across this wonderful artist “Sascalia” on Folksy, a self taught mixed media artist. I just love her work it’s full of colors, looks delightful and is really cheap. Enjoy! 

Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂


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