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Twilight Bella's Bracelet - March Giveaway by you.

Winner: Chris [comment No 26] Winner was randomly picked.


Absolutely gorgeous. And of course, my irrational love of Twilight helps. Good luck and congrats to the winner! *fingers crossed for me*

Thank you Chris, I hope you will love your bracelet. It’s on it’s way.

[Also a huge “thank you” to all the others who took part in this Giveaway]

[Twilight Bracelet Giveaway]


O.k. This was weird but fun and something I had to do. The curiosity got to me! [Only a Twilight fan will understand]

And this is what I got:

Innocent, tom-boyish, and shy, you definitely are. You also are a bit of a clutz at times. Even though you have a very low self-image, others see you as beautiful”

I didn’t even tell them I was a female and they knew, pretty cool.

Try it and tell me what you got: [takes 2 mins only]

What Twilight character are you? 

[I know your just dying to find out!]

Yes, you got it right. This Giveaway is for one of my Twilight Bella bracelets.

Bracelet is made with sterling silver and has a gorgeous hand carved wooden wolf (Jacob) and a stunning, shimmering crystal heart (Edward).

Value $65.00. Will be custom made to your size.

[Bracelet may be slightly different from picture above due to it’s handmade nature]

It’s very simple, if you really want it please leave a comment below to win.

Extra entries: (please leave in separate comments)

[You can if you want to]

1. Follow me on twitter and tweet this blog.

2. Subscribe to my blog  by e-mail (make sure to activate it after from your e-mail inbox).

3. Blog about this Giveaway.

4. Browse my Etsy shop and tell me what you liked.

5. Heart my Etsy shop.

 Finishes Friday 20th March 09.



full of hearts.

You won – full of hearts earrings.

Winner had to be re-picked (see here).

(Valentines Giveaway)


You won things from the past earrings.

Sorry I’m late in announcing this. It’s because Eliane hasn’t got back to me yet to claim her prize. I’m hoping by announcing it here she will get back to me. 🙂

Eliane, if you could just e-mail me your address so I’ll know where to send you jewellery. Thank you.

The rules are that if the first winner does not get back to me then I will pick another person after two weeks.

(winner of )

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