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You and Me

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Yellena James::: Illustrator, Artist, Painter.

What can I say expect that her work is amazing! Each of her illustrations is drawn (completely and only) by hand using pens, inks, markers, acrylics and years of practice (her words, not mine). Just by looking at her work I feel like grabbing some pens of my own and start drawing….but it will be hopeless coz I’m useless at drawing…. I probably end up getting ink all over my face! Sigh!

I will be adding her stuff to my “NEED TO BUY” list. I just can’t make my mind up on which one, You and Me is a big fave!

Loving. It. All.


Flutter by daisy

“Clothes for broken dolls and butterfly people….”

 Inspired by fairy’s, birds, Victorian tea party’s, lace, and secret gardens.






By Natanya Bryant 

I have come across lots and lots of stunning shop’s on Etsy, full of beautifully handcrafted wares (and I’m sure so have you) some of them i love so much i want to share them with you. So i decided to do a weekly blog on my FAVE shops. It was really hard to choose as there are so many but finally i decided and this week i have chosen Ayala Levinger of art bags, Kelly Campbell of Of Nature Designs and Janick Gravel of neawear….so here goes! (deep breath)

Ayala Levinger

Ayala’s “obsession” is bags and she makes the most gorgeously sweet, pretty and stunning “bags”. Her “bags” (handbags, clutches, and purses) are not just “bags” they are unique pieces of art! Each one of these “bags” are One Of A Kind (which makes them even more desirable) and completely embellished by hand by Ayala.

Ayala Say’s:

“This pouch is one of a kind. I never make the same pouch twice.
I also don’t use the same fabric or the theme.” 
Ayala is very new to Etsy and sold her first bag on 29 September 08. But already she has been featured on the Etsy Front Page a few time though treasury picks and has 121 hearts.
Everyone say hello to Ayala….Etsy’s next big indie artist!
(thank you Ayala!)

Kelly Campbell

A portrait and mural artist, also somewhat of a jewellery maker/sculpture.


I am completely in love with Kelly’s birds egg beads. And have to admit that just a couple of hours ago i happy purchased two nest of them from her. I have never seen this kind of stunning work from anywhere else or any other artist (maybe I’m a bit of a hermit, lol! birds and hermits fit nicely together) on the web. To tell you honestly i don’t really want to share it with you, i want to keep this glorious find completely to my self! :D!





Goldfinch Egg Beads





Sparrow Egg Beads

House Finch Eggs

Chickadee Egg Beads

Stop drooling! 🙂

“The precision of Janick work is unbelievable”

Janick a.k.a nea of (i thought her name was nea till yesterday…and i call myself a big fan).

Janick is the most amazing multimedia artist i have ever come across. I found her shop back when i first joined Etsy, which was just over a year ago. And i fell in love with it straight away. Now i read her blog Creativadoration almost every week and follow her on twitter too (I’m not a stalker! although it may seem like it). I’m not going to go into a lot of detail because someone else has already done a very good job here. But i will say this; her wall-wear is amazing and i believe also a very good investment for all people who have good taste. Recently she has made them with vintage frames (from Italy) instead of the normal wood/metal hoops she use to use and the finished pieces are simply stunning!

As Janick Say’s:

“it’s looking gooood!!!”


 I can not agree more!

“Love the contrast!”

Hope you enjoyed it…please drop a comment to let me know what you think.
thank you 😀
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